Oregon Route 255, US-101 to US-101


AMP: Carpenterville Hwy #255/341

Location: Carpenterville Hwy and US-101, Curry Cty

No reassurance shield as 255 splits from 101.

AMP: 342

Location: Carpenterville Hwy and South Bank Pistol Rd, Curry Cty

Less than a mile later, we’ll fork right to stay on 255. There’s no reassurance shield after we do that.

AMP: 345

Location: Carpenterville Hwy and Whiskey Creek, Curry Cty

This road is falling apart in many places, and is just patched with gravel. With no traffic, that makes sense.

AMP: 353

Location: Carpenterville Hwy at Whalehead Creek, Curry Cty

Stone mile marker!

AMP: 356

Location: Carpenterville Hwy and Cape Ferrelo Rd, Curry Cty

Still no reassurance shield a few miles later.

AMP: 362

Location: OR 255 and US-101, Curry Cty

Follow 101 south to Brookings and 101 north to Gold Beach.

 N to US-101

 S to CA State Line, N to OR 255

 S to OR 255N to OR 255