State Route 264, SR 87 to US-160


AMP: 384

Location: SR 264 and SR 87, Navajo Cty

Reassurance shield after the 87 junction

AMP: 382

Location: SR 264 and Shungopovi Rd, Shungopovi, Navajo Cty

About a mile west of 87, we’ll enter the village of Shungopovi

AMP: 322

Location: SR 264 and US-160, Tuba City

As we approach Tuba City, the biggest Navajo town in Arizona (Shiprock NM is bigger), we’ll approach US-160

AMP: 321

Location: SR 264 and US-160, Tuba City

Stay straight to head into downtown Tuba City. Follow 160 east to Kayenta and 160 west to US-89

AMP: 321

Location: US-160 and SR 264, Tuba City

Turn right for 160 east and left for 160 west. 264 ends.

E to US-191

E to SR 98, W to US-89

S to I-40/US-180