Arkansas Highway 7, US-63 to US-167/US-167B


Location: US-167 and US-63, El Dorado

After 63 splits, we’ll approach the 167 split. 167 heads to Fordyce and Little Rock

Location: US-167 and Calion Rd,  Union Cty

At the 167/7 split, 167B will rejoin US-167

Location: US-167 and Calion Rd, Union Cty

Exit for 167 north towards Fordyce and Little Rock, as well as 167B back into El Dorado. Stay on this road to continue on Highway 7

N to AR-7S, S to US-82B/US-167B

N to AR-335, S to US-82B/US-167B

N to AR-335, S to US-63

S to AR-7S

N to AR-160, S to US-82B/US-167B