State Route 287, SR 87 to SR 79 Bus


AMP: 134

Location: SR 287 and Arizona Blvd, Coolidge

Reassurance shield after the SR 87 split as we head out of Coolidge. We’ll head due east the 9 miles to Florence

AMP: 139

Location: SR 287 and Adamsville Rd, Florence

A few miles later, we’ll enter the town of Florence

AMP: 142

Location: SR 287 and Main St, Florence

As we enter Coolidge, we’ll approach SR 79 Business. Follow SR 79 Business South to get to SR 79 in half a mile.

AMP: 142

Location: SR 287 and Main St, Coolidge

Turn left for 79 Business North and 287 East into downtown Florence. 79 Business South heads to 79 towards Tucson, but that’s the quickest way to bypass Florence if you’re headed north too. There is no signage to that effect. 287 will join 79 Business north to SR 79 before it will terminate

E to SR 79/SR 79 Bus, W to SR 87

N to SR 79/SR 287, S to SR 79

N to SR 387S to SR 287