State Route 287, SR 87 to SR 87


AMP: 128

Location: SR 87 and Bell St, Randolph, Pinal Cty

No reassurance shield after the routes merge, but we’ll enter unincorporated Randolph shortly after the junction

AMP: 128

Location: Arizona Blvd and Randolph Rd, Coolidge

No reassurance shield after we leave Randolph, but less than a mile later we’ll enter Coolidge, which was formed in 1925 while Calvin Coolidge was the president. There can’t be too many towns in the country named after incumbent presidents, but here’s one of them.

AMP: 133

Location: Arizona Blvd and Byrd Ave, Coolidge

As we enter the downtown part of Coolidge, we’ll finally get a reassurance shield

AMP: 134

Location: Arizona Blvd and Hendrle Dr, Coolidge

As we approach the north end of Coolidge, SR 87 and SR 287 will split. 287 heads towards Florence while 87 heads towards Mesa

AMP: 134

Location: Arizona Blvd and SR 87, Coolidge

Turn left for 87 north towards Mesa and right for 287 East towards Florence as we head out of Coolidge

E to SR 79 Bus, W to I-10

N to SR 387S to SR 84

N to SR 387, S to SR 287

N to SR 287S to SR 84