U.S. Route 91, I-15 Bus to I-15 Bus


Last Photographed January 2010

no signage between the business loops 🙁

As there is no access to the southbound interstate at the northern I-15 Business junction there is no reassurance shield, and since you can’t get on the business loop from I-15 South at the southern junction there is no advance signage there.

S to I-15 Bus/US-30, N to I-15/I-15 Bus

S to I-15 Bus/US-30, N to I-15 Bus/US-30/US-91

E to I-15/I-15 Bus/US-91, W to I-15/I-15 Bus

N to I-15/US-30/US-91

S to I-15/US-30/US-91