U.S. Route 26, US-91 to I-15 Bus/US-20 Bus


Location: Yellowstone Hwy and Sunnyside Rd, Idaho Falls

Reassurance shield after the 91 junction as we enter Idaho Falls

Location: Yellowstone Hwy and 23rd St, Idaho Falls

Reassurance shield as we make our way through an industrial part of Idaho Falls

Location: Yellowstone Ave and Short St, Idaho Falls

Another reassurance shield as we make our way towards downtown Idaho Falls. 26 won’t really enter it, but 15 Business will

Location: Yellowstone Hwy and Maple St, Idaho Falls

Junction US-20 Business coming up, next to a cool old button copy RR crossing sign

Location: Yellowstone Hwy and Elm St, Idaho Falls

Turn left for 15 Business North/unmarked 20 Business West towards I-15 (Butte MT) and US-20 (Arco ID). Stay straight for US-26 East (Jackson WY) and US-20 Business East (W Yellowstone MT).

E to US-20 Bus, W to I-15/I-15 Bus

 S to I-15/US-26, N to I-15/US-20/US-20 Bus

 S to US-91, N to I-15/US-20/US-20 Bus

E to US-26, W to I-15/I-15 Bus/US-20

S to I-15 Bus