Wyoming Highway 131, US-287 to Sinks Canyon State Park


AMP: 0

Location: S 5th St and Garfield St, Lander

Reassurance shield at the beginning of the route

AMP: 0

Location: S 5th St and Fremont St, Lander

As we get to the south part of Lander’s grid system, we’ll want to turn right to head east

AMP: 1

Location: Fremont St and N 7th St, Lander

Reassurance shield after the turn

AMP: 1

Location: Sinks Canyon Rd and Fremont St, Lander

Reassurance shield as the road turns south again and we had out of Lander

AMP: 9

Location: WYO 131 and Sinks Canyon Rd, Fremont Cty

The state highway ends when we enter the National Forest.

S to WYO 789, N to WYO 132