Utah State Route 43, WY-414/WY State Line to SR-44


Location: SR-43 and WYO 414, Daggett Cty

Reassurance shield at the beginning of Utah 43. Utah 43 is a short state highway that loops around and connects Wyoming 414 with Wyoming 530, serving Manila Utah. Note the funny looking beehive

Location: W Center St and S Main St, Manila

Utah 43 enters Manila and comes to its only junction with the rest of the state highway system, Utah 44

Location: W Center St and Main St, Manila

Stay straight to follow SR-43 to WYO 530 and Green River, Wyo. Turn right to follow SR-44 down to US-191 which serves Vernal and Dutch John

Location: W Center St and Main St, Manila

Turn right for Utah 44, stay straight for Utah 43

E to WY-530/WY State Line

S to US-191

N to WY-410