Interstate 80, I-80 Bus/NE-L53B to NE-L53C


Location: I-80 and L-53B, Kimball Cty

The first reassurance shield along I-80 in Nebraska. Note the wide font- commonly used across the state

Location: I-80 and L-53B, Kimball Cty

Nebraska uses interesting mileage signs for link highways, labelling the link and the distance to the exit. 7 Miles to L-53C, the Link Highway to Bushnell. Kimball County uses Link Highway prefix 53.

Location: I-80 and NE-L53C, Kimball Cty

Pretty much all the exits off I-80 in this part of Nebraska are state maintained roadways. In 13 miles we’ll hit the next exit, another state highway

Location: I-80 and L-53C, Kimball Cty

L-53C exits, heads up a couple miles to US-30 in Bushnell and terminates.

E to NE-71, W to WY State Line

N to US-30

W to US-30/NE-L53B

N to I-80 Bus/US-30