Interstate 40, Muskogee Tpk to US-266/OK-2


Location: I-40 and Muskogee Tpk, Muskogee Cty

Reassurance shield after the Muskogee Turnpike interchange

Location: I-40 and US-266, Muskogee Cty

A couple miles later, well approach US-266 and SH-2.

Location: I-40 and US-266, Muskogee Cty

Exit for 266 and 2. Both routes head to Warner, connecting to US-64 which goes to Muskogee. SH-2 heads south to Porum. 266 will parallel I-40 from here to Henryetta. The route has pretty much been rendered obsolete with I-40’s construction.

W to US-69, E to OK-100

W to OK-2, E to US-64/OK-2

S to US-266, N to US-64/US-266

W to US-64