U.S. Route 62, I-40/I-40 Bus/Indian Nation Tpk to I-40 Bus/US-62 Bus/US-75 Bus


Location: I-40 and Indian Nation Tpk, Henryetta

Reassurance shield after 62 and 75 join the interstate. 62 is unsigned for whatever reason.

Location: I-40 and Creek Mine Rd, Henryetta

A couple miles later, we’ll approach the west side of town and US-62/75 business. I-40 Business rejoins here too.

Location: I-4o and Creek Mine Rd, Henryetta

Exit for I-40 and US-62 Business east and US-75 Business north back into Henryetta.

W to US-75E to I-40 Bus/US-62 Bus/US-75 Bus

W to US-75, E to OK-150

N to I-40 Bus/US-62 Bus/US-75 BusS to I-40/US-62

E to US-62/US-75/US-62 Bus/US-75 Bus

E to I-40 Bus/US-62/US-75/US-75 Bus

N to I-40 Bus/US-62/US-75/US-62 Bus

W to I-40 Bus/US-62 Bus/US-75 Bus, E to OK-150

W to US-62/US-75/US-62 Bus/US-75 Bus

S to OK-9