U.S. Route 287, OK-3/CO State Line to US-385/OK-3


Location: US-287 at the Colorado Line, Cimarron Cty

Reassurance shield as we enter Oklahoma. Oklahoma 3 materializes out of thin air here. While 287 and 385 quickly traverse the panhandle, beelining to Texas on slightly different routes, Oklahoma 3 will head all the way across to the southeast corner of the state in Arkansas.

Location: US-287 and E0130 Rd, Cimarron Cty

Reassurance shield a couple miles later. That’s an ugly and unfortunately placed 3 shield.

Location: US-287 and US-385, Cimarron Cty

As we near Boise City, we’ll approach the newly constructed 287 bypass, which has some just terrible signage. Turn right for US-385 south and unsigned SH-3 east into Boise City along the old alignment. Stay on the 287 bypass for Amarillo. Follow 287 to get to US-412 and unsigned US-56, US-64, and SH-3 towards Guymon.

Location: US-287 and US-385, Cimarron Cty

Exit right for 385 south towards the famed Cimarron County Courthouse roundabout junction. 385 will take 3 with it.

S to US-56/US-64/US-412/OK-3, N to US-160

N to US-160, S to US-56/US-64/US-412/OK-3/OK-325

E to US-56/US-64/US-385/US-412/OK-325

N to OK-3/CO State Line, S to US-56/US-64/US-412/OK-3/OK-325

E to US-56/US-64/US-385/US-412/OK-325, W to US-287/US-385/CO State Line

E to US-287