U.S. Route 85, I-25 Bus to NM-6


Location: I-25 and I-25 Bus, Valencia Cty

Reassurance shield after the north Belen junction

Location: I-25 and SR-6, Valencia Cty

As we approach SR-6, we’ll approach the original 1926-37 alignment of Route 66, which followed New Mexico 6 to here, and then I-25 up to Santa Fe, and then US-84 back down to Santa Rosa.

Location: I-25 and SR-6, Valencia Cty

1 mile to SR-6, which serves Los Lunas

Location: I-25 and Main St, Los Lunas

Exit for SR-6 and 1927-36 Route 66 west. This version of Route 66 east will join I-25/US-85 to Santa Fe.

N to NM-317, S to I-25 Bus

S to I-25 Bus, N to NM-317

E to NM-314, W to I-40

S to NM-314