New Mexico State Road 90, US-70 to US-180


Location: SR-90 and US-70, Hidalgo Cty

Reassurance shield at the beginning of SR-90, which connects Silver City to Lordsburg and Tucson

Location: SR-90 and Mangus Valley Rd, Tyrone, Grant Cty

Reassurance shield as we pass the community of Tyrone and the Tyrone Mine

Location: SR-90 and Dickson Rd, Silver City

A few miles later, we’ll enter Silver City

Location: SR-90 and Truck Bypass Rd, Silver City

Turn left to follow a county bypass to US-180 north (west) towards Cliff

Location: Hudson St and Market St, Silver City

Reassurance shield as we enter the core of Silver City

Location: Hudson St and 14th St, Silver City

Follow 180 east towards Deming

Location:  Hudson St and 14th St, Silver City

Turn right for US-180 east. Turn left for 180 west. SR-90 ends.

W to NM-211, E to NM-15

W to NM-464, E to I-10 Bus