U.S. Route 180, NM-427 to I-10 Bus/NM-11


Location: Pine St and Country Club Dr, Deming

Stay straight for Business Loop 10 to I-10 west, or maybe Business Loop 10 west to I-10.

Location: Pine St and James St, Deming

Stay straight to continue on US-180, with remnant US-70 shield from when 70 followed this route through Deming.

Location: Pine St and Gold Ave, Deming

A few blocks later, turn right for US-180 west towards Silver City and Hatch. Turn left for SR-11 south towards Columbus and Palomas, Chihuahua. Stay straight for I-10 Business.

W to I-10/US-70,  E to NM-549

E to NM-549, W to NM-497

E to NM-427, W to NM-497

S to NM-427

S to NM-11