U.S. Route 26, NE-29 to NE-92


Location: US-26 and 19th Ave, Mitchell

Reassurance shield after the N-29 junction. Note how the banner sort of overlaps the top of the US-26 shield, making it look weird

Location: US-26 and Experiment Farm Rd, Mitchell

Reassurance shield as we head out of Mitchell

Location: US-26 and W Beltline Hwy, Scottsbluff

Junction N-92 coming up as we enter Scottsbluff. 92 west will turn right here, and 92 east will join US-26 on the Scottsbluff bypass beltway, a semi-controlled access expressway

Location: US-26 and N-92, Scottsbluff

Turn right for 92 west back towards Wyoming, stay straight for 92 east/ 26 east TO N-71. Before the new Scottsbluff bypass opened on the east end of town, you would turn right here for N-71 south, and stay straight to follow N-71 north. N-92 avoided the north bypass altogether

E to NE-71, W to WY State Line

W to NE-S79H, E to NE-71

N to US-20