U.S. Route 62, US-281/OK-8 to OK-9


Location: Central Ave and 1st St, Anadarko Cty

Stay straight for 281 north and 62/9 west

Location: Mission St and US-62, Anadarko

Keep right for 281/62/9 to head east out of town

Location: US-62 and Mission St, Anadarko

Reassurance shield after the turn

Location: US-62 and SH-9, Caddo Cty

Turn left for 62 west and 281 south as SH-9 splits

Location: US-62 and SH-9 ,Caddo Cty

Stay straight for 9 west

W to OK-19, E to OK-8

N to OK-37, S to OK-19

W to OK-146, E to OK-8

W to OK-146,  E to US-281/OK-8

N to OK-37, S to OK-9

N to OK-37, S to US-62/OK-9