U.S. Route 270, OK-63 to OK-31


Location: US-270 and Dow Lake Rd, Dow, Pittsburg Cty

Shortly after the 63 split, we’ll approach Dow

Location: Hartshorne Ave and Franklin St, Alderson

A few blocks later, we’ll approach the small town of Alderson

Location: US-270 and Main St, Krebs

As we enter the town of Krebs, we’ll approach SH-31

Location: US-270 and 8th St, Krebs

Turn right to follow 8th St to 31 east. Stay straight for 31 west, which joins 270/1. There is no direct access from here to 31 east, which approaches at the top of the hill there

W to US-69, E to OK-1/OK-63

W to US-69, E to US-270

W to US-69, OK-71

W to US-69, E to US-270