U.S. Route 62, US-85 to US-85/CH Int’l Boundary


Location: Paisano Dr and Stanton St, El Paso

As we turn left, we’ll approach the westbound lanes for Paisano. Stay straight for Mexico 45, which is weird on a couple levels. These days, I-110 is the connection to Mexico 45, and that’s a terrible take on a Mexico 45 shield.

Location: Stanton St and 8th Ave, El Paso

A block from the border, turn left for 85 south to a slightly differently formatted Mexico 45. 62 ends at the border, after a long,  crazy route from the Canadian border in Buffalo, New York

E to I-110/TX-478 Loop

N to TX-375 Loop

N to US-62

N to TX-375 LoopS to US-62/CH Int’l Boundary