U.S. Route 62, TX-FM651 to TX-207/TX-FM1958


Location: US-62 and FM 651, Floyd Cty

Reassurance shield after the 651 junction

Location: US-62 and CR 602, Floyd Cty

Reassurance shield about halfway to Floydada

Location: US-62 and CR 598, Floyd Cty

Reassurance shield as we start to enter Floydada

Location: US-62 and 12th St, Floyd Cty

As we near the city limits, we’ll approach SH 207 and FM 1958

Location: Houston St and 12th St, Floydada

Welcome to Floydada!

Location: Houston St and 12th St, Floydada

Turn left for 1958 east. Turn right for 207 north. Stay straight for 62/70 west and 207 south. 62 and 207 will concur almost all the way down to Ralls. 70 will split here in Floydada.

W to US-70, E to TX-FM602

W to US-62, E to TX-FM602

S to US-70, N to TX-FM784

E to TX-FM651

S to TX-FM1958