U.S. Route 62, TX-FM2998 to TX-FM2876


Location: US-62 and FM 2998, Cottle Cty

Reassurance shield after the 2998 junction

Location: US-62 and CR 314, Cottle Cty

Reassurance shield a couple miles later- an oversize load is approaching, which is why I’m so far over

Location: 9th St and Prescott Ave, Paducah

About a mile later, we’ll enter Paducah, coutny seat of Cottle County

Location: 9th St and Brant Ave, Paducah

As we enter the north part of Paducah, we’ll approach FM 2876

Location: 9th St and Brant Ave, Paducah

Turn left for 2876 east

W to TX-FM1037, E to TX-FM3256

S to TX-FM1037, N to TX-FM3256

E to TX-FM104

N to US-62/US-83