U.S. Route 87, TX-FM176 to US-83


Location: US-87 and FM 176, Concho Cty

Reassurance shield after the 176 junction

Location: US-87 and CR 2007, Concho Cty

Reassurance shield as we enter Eden, the center of Texas- I’m not sure by what measurement, but whatevs

Location: Broadway St and Forest St, Eden

Shortly after that, we’ll enter Eden and come to a junction with US-83

Location: Broadway St and Main St, Eden
Follow 83 north to Ballinger and 83 south to Menard

Location: Broadway St and Main St, Eden

Turn right for US-83 south and left for US-83 north. Stay straight for 87 south

S to TX-FM2134, N to TX-577 Loop

N to TX-FM2402, S to TX-FM3463

S to Live Oak