U.S. Route 90, TX-FM1409 to TX-227 Loop/TX-FM2684


Location: US-90 and Winfree St, Dayton

Reassurance shield after the 321 junction as we star to head out of Dayton

Location: US-90 and Colbert St, Liberty

About a mile later, we’ll leave Dayton and enter Liberty

Location: US-90 and Austin St, Liberty

As we enter the congested part of Liberty, we’ll approach FM 2684 and Loop 227

Location: US-90 and Main St, Liberty

Turn right for FM 2684 and left for Loop 227, which is sort of a business loop for SH 146, which will split to head north on the east side of town. Trucks should just stay on 146

E to TX-FM563, W to TX-321

E to TX-FM563, W to TX-321

N to TX-146

S to TX-FM3361

S to TX-FM565