U.S. Route 183, TX-45/TX-130 to TX-21


Location: US-183 and SH-21, Mustang Ridge

Just after 45/130, we’ll enter Caldwell County (but remain within the city of Mustang Ridge) and approach SH 21

Location: US-183 and SH 21,  Mustang Ridge

Exit for 21 north towards Bastrop and south towards San Marcos

Location: US-183 and SH 21, Mustang Ridge

Keep left for 183 and right for 21. This interchange is being reconfigured to accomodate for SH 130

Location: US-183 and SH 21, Caldwell Cty

Right for 21, straight for 183

S to TX-FM1185, N to TX-FM1327

S to TX-FM2001, N to TX-FM1854

N to TX-FM812, W to TX-FM1625

N to TX-FM812