Interstate 10, NM-404 to TX State Line


Location: I-10 and SR-404, Dona Ana Cty

Reassurance shield after SR-404

Location: I-10 and SR-404, Dona Ana Cty

Aw…lame. I missed a good shot of this neat FM 1905 sign- FM 1905 comes up right after the border, and this is a nice peeling NMDOT installation

Location: I-10 at the Texas Line, Dona Ana Cty

And this one is hidden behind a sound wall and is utterly invisible, but the exit shows up right after the state line

Location: I-10 and Texas FM 1905, Dona Ana Cty

Leaving New Mexico. FM 1905 is right there.  Welcome to Texas!

E to TX-FM1905, W to NM-227

N to NM-227, S to TX-FM1905

W to NM-227, E to TX-FM1905

E to NM-213, W to NM-460