Interstate 10, I-10 Bus/US-180 to NM-549


Location: I-10 and Pine St, Deming

Reassurance shield as 180 joins the freeway. It won’t be signed again until the Texas line

Location: I-10 and E Pine St, Deming

13 miles to SR-549. We’ll actually bump 549 twice. The thirteen miles is to the first “bump” at Exit 102, but there is no signage for 549 at that interchange, so that’s it for this segment.

E to NM-549, W to US-180

W to US-180, E to NM-549

W to NM-549E to NM-549

W to I-10 Bus/US-180, E to I-10/US-70/US-180

W to NM-549

W to NM-549E to NM-549