Interstate 84, SR-26 to US-89


Location: I-84 and W Riverdale Dr, Riverdale

Reassurance shield as we pass the Utah 26 interchange

Location: I-84 and S 475 E, Washington Terrace

Reassurance shield after the S 475 E exit

Location: I-84 and US-89, Davis Cty

Junction US-89 coming up. US-89 serves as a primary artery along the Wasatch Front, handling local traffic in the area

Location: I-84 and US-89, Davis Cty

We’re getting close to the mountains and due to how narrow the Wasatch Front is in this area because of the mountains and the Salt Lake the two north-south arteries (US-89 and I-15) are very close to each other

Location: I-84 and US-89, Davis Cty

US-89 exits, heads north and south as a main local road for the Wasatch Front before heading down towards Flagstaff, Ariz. and up towards Canada

E to SR-167, W to I-15

S to SR-60, N to SR-203

W to I-15, E to SR-60