Interstate 40, NM-122 to NM-118


Location: I-40 and SR-122, McKinley Cty

Reassurance shield after ┬áthe SR-122 interchange. No idea what that merge sign is for- it’s a bit late

Location: I-40 and Refinery Rd, McKinley Cty

A few miles later after the Refinery Rd interchange, we’re 6 miles from State Road 400. Shortly after this, SR-118 will exit off and take old 66 with it, almost all the way to Arizona. There is no signage at that junction, and we’ll bump into it again a few times

W to NM-118/NM-400, E to NM-122/NM-371/NM-612

W to I-40/NM-400

E to I-40/NM-371/NM-612