U.S. Route 62, NM-7 to TX State Line


Location: US-62 and SR-7, Eddy Cty

Reassurance shield after the Carlsbad Caverns turnoff

Location: US-62 and CR 724, Eddy Cty

A couple miles later, turn left for CR 724. There is absolutely no reason for this to be a divided highway after the caverns- the stretch from here to El Paso is one of the most desolate drives in America

Location: US-62 and CR 418, Eddy Cty

About a mile later, turn right for CR 418

Location: US-62 and CR 424, Eddy Cty

A few miles later, CR 424 will leave again

Location: US-62 at the Texas Line, Eddy Cty

Reassurance shield as we near the state line. Usually the road gets worse as you cross from Texas to New Mexico. In this case the opposite happens, but the Texans still have the right idea

Location: US-62 at the Texas Line, Eddy Cty

Welcome to Texas! Junction RM 652 is coming up in just a few feet.

W to TX-RM652, E to US-285

W to TX-RM652E to US-285

W to Carlsbad Caverns