U.S. Route 62, NM-529 to NM-176/NM-243


Location: US-62 and SR-529, Lea Cty

Reassurance shield after the 529 junction

Location: US-62 and SR-176, Lea Cty

As we approach SRs 176 and 243, we’ll get another reassurance shield. The intersection in the distance is the highways

Location: US-62 and SR-176, Lea Cty

Turn left for 176 east, which heads back to Eunice. Turn right for 243 west, which serves the Intrepid Potash complex and will loop around back here in a second

W to NM-243, E to NM-483

W to NM-243E to NM-483

E to NM-8

W to US-62/US-180

W to NM-238