Interstate 84, SR-134 to SR-39


Last Driven June 2020

(Historic Photo: January 2009)

Location: I-15 and W 2700 N, Farr West, Weber Cty

Reassurance shield after the Utah 134 junction

Location: I-15 and Pioneer Rd, Ogden

Junction Utah 39 coming up in 1 mile. Utah 39 is a longer haul route out to Woodruff near the Wyoming line

Location: I-15 and Pioneer Rd, Ogden

Reassurance shield after the Pioneer Road interchange

Location: I-15 and W 12th St, Ogden

Utah 39 exits, heads towards the usual SR 126 and downtown Ogden

E to SR-102, W to SR-126

S to SR-102, N to SR-126

E to SR-204W to SR-126

E to US-89, W to SR-126