Interstate 84, UT-13 to US-91


Last Driven April 2013

(Historic Photo: January 2009)

Location: I-15 and Promontory Rd, Box Elder Cty

Reassurance shield omitting I-15, which is strange since I-15 is the “primary” interstate that runs down this corridor

Location: I-15 and W 1100 S, Brigham Cty

Junction US-91 coming up. This is the southern terminus of a once proud route that ran along the full I-15 corridor. Now it goes from here north to Idaho Falls where it ends.

Location: I-15 and W 1100 S, Brigham Cty

US-91 heads due west to US-89. US-89 run parallel (or concurrent with) to I-15 from here clear down to Provo , serving as a primary local route for the Wasatch Front

Location: I-84 and W 1100 S, Brigham City

US-91 North exits, heads east to US-89 and then north towards Logan and Idaho

E to UT-315, W to UT-240

S to UT-315, N to UT-240

N to US-89/UT-13

 N to UT-83S to UT-38