Nebraska Highway 2, NE-27 to NE-61


Location: N-2 and N-27, Sheridan Cty
Reassurance shield after N-27 as we head out of Ellsworth

Location: N-2 and CR 205, Bingham, Sheridan Cty

A few miles later, we’ll enter the nothing of Bingham. I couldn’t find any development

Location: N-2 and Ashby Rd, Ashby, Grant Cty

Several miles later, we’ll enter Grant County and the city of Ashby

Location: N-2 and Ashby Rd, Grant Cty

Reassurance shield after the Ashby Rd junction

Location: Railroad St and Cemetery Rd, Hyannis

A few miles later, we’ll enter a real town! Welcome to Hyannis!

Location: Railroad St and N-61, Hyannis

As we enter Hyannis, we’ll approach Nebraska 61

Location: Railroad St and N-2, Hyannis

Helpfully, we’re told to turn left for 61 north and stay straight for 2 east/61 south. Directional banners would be nice here, but I guess Nebraskans are smarter than the average bear and don’t need that sort of help

Location: Railraod St and N-2, Hyannis

Turn left for 61 north towards Merriman. Stay straight for 2 east/61 south towards Mullen and Arthur

E to NE-61, W to NE-250

 S to NE-2, N to US-20

N to US-20