U.S. Route 6, NE-44 to US-183


Location: US-34 and N-44, Kearney Cty

Reassurance shield after the N-44 split

Location: US-34 and Brewster Rd, Holdrege

We’ll go several miles without signage and then come into the town of Holdrege

Location: 4th Ave and West Ave, Holdrege

As we enter downtown Holdrege, we’ll get another reassurance shield

Location: 4th Ave and Grant St, Holdrege

Another reassurance shield a couple blocks later as we head out of the core of downtown

Location: 4th Ave and Morton St, Holdrege

In a couple blocks, we’ll approach US-183

Location: 4th Ave and Burlington St, Holdrege

We’ll want to turn right for 183 north, left for 183 south, and stay straight for 6/34 west

Location: 4th Ave and Burlington St, Holdrege

As just stated, turn left for 183 south and right for 183 north

W to NE-23, E to NE-44

W to NE-23E to NE-44

 N to I-80, S to NE-4

N to US-6/US-34, S to NE-4