U.S. Route 20, NE-29 to NE-2/NE-71


Location: 5th St and Main St, Harrison

Reassurance shield after the N-29 junction

Location: US-20 at the Sioux Cty Line, Dawes Cty

Reassurance shield about 15 miles east of Harrison as we enter Dawes County

Location: US-20 and White River Rd, Dawes Cty

Reassurance shield as we pass some turnoffs to recreation areas and things like that. This is the cool part of Nebraska

Location: McPherson St and Freemont St, Crawford

A few miles east of there, we’ll enter the town of Crawford

Location: McPherson St and N-2, Crawford

As we approach the southeast corner of Crawford, we’ll come to a junction with N-2 and N-71 and a bad photograph

Location: McPherson St and N-2, Crawford

Turn right for 2 east and 71 south towards Alliance and Scottsbluff. Turn left for 2 west, 20 east, and 71 north towards Chadron, a concurrency that just lasts a few blocks

E to NE-2/NE-71, W to WY State Line

E to NE-71, W to US-20

N to US-20, S to NE-2

S to US-26