U.S. Route 26, US-385 to NE-92


Location: US-26 and US-385, Morrill Cty

Reassurance shield as 26 splits from 385

Location: US-26 and Rd 103, Morrill Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of the Bridgeport area

Location: Guthrie St and Smith Ave, Broadwater

A few miles later, we’ll enter the little town of Broadwater

Location: Guthrie St and Starr Rd, Broadwater

As we get to the east side of Broadwater, we’ll approach Nebraska 92 again

Location: Guthrie St and N-92, Broadwater

Turn right up here for 92 west back to Bridgeport. Stay straight for 26/92 east to Ogallala

Location: US-26 and N-92, Morrill Cty

Turn right for 92 west. Stay straight for 26/92 east. The two routes will concur towards the Lake McCounaghey area

E to NE-27, W to US-385/NE-92

W to US-385, E to NE-27

N to NE-L62AS to US-26/NE-92