U.S. Route 34, NE-L41D to NE-14


Location: US-34 and 1st St, Hampton

After Link 41D, we’re reminded that we’re on Alternate I-80 while we’re still in Hampton. It seems like they post Alternate 80 shields before regular reassurance shields in towns but the other way around out of towns. I have no idea why this is.

Location: US-34 and 5th St, Hamilton Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Hampton

Location: Q St and 16th St, Hamilton Cty

As we approach the northeast corner of Aurora, we’ll come to a junction with Nebraska 14

Location: Q St and 16th St, Aurora

Welcome to Aurora!

Location: Q St and 16th St, Aurora

Turn right for N-14 north and left for N-14 south to I-80. Stay straight for 34 west

W to NE-S41B, E to NE-S93A

N to NE-S41C, S to I-80

S to I-80