Nebraska Highway 61, US-30 to US-30


Last Driven January 2021

(Historic Photo: November 2013)

Location: US-26 and US-30, Keith Cty

Reassurance shield after the routes merge

Location: W 1st St and E A St, Ogallala

As we enter downtown Ogallala, you’ll want to turn right to follow 26 east/61 south to I-80, where US-26 will come to its eastern terminus. Stay straight for 30 east, the long way across the state

S to I-80/US-26N to US-26

E to I-80/NE-61W to NE-61

E to NE-L51B, W to NE-L51A

E to NE-L51BW to US-26/NE-61

 E to US-26/NE-61W to NE-L51A

Northbound (October 2010)

Location: 1st St and C St, Ogallala

Just after 26/61 join US-30, we’ll get an Alternate I-80 shield

Location: US-26 and Rd West A, Keith Cty

As we head out of Ogallala, we’ll get an N-61 omitting reassurance shield. 61 was routed onto this alignment reasonably recently, so it’s possible signage hasn’t caught up

Location: US-26 and US-30, Keith Cty

A few hundred feet later, 26 and 61 will split from US-30

Location: US-26 and US-30, Keith Cty

Stay on US-30 for Sidney. Follow 26 and 61 towards Lake McConaughy and Scottsbluff

Location: US-26 and US-30, Keith Cty

Stay straight for 30 west. Turn right for 26 west/61 north