Nebraska Highway 71, US-20 to NE-2/SD-71/SD State Line


Location: N-2 and US-20, Dawes Cty

Reassurance shield as 2 and 71 split form US-20 for the home stretch to South Dakota

Location: N-2 and Sugar Loaf Rd, Dawes Cty

Reassurance shield several miles later as we cruise through the scenic Oglala National Grassland

Location: N-2 at the Dawes County Line, Sioux Cty

Another reassurance shield a few miles later as we cross back into Sioux County

Location: N-2 and SD-71, Sioux Cty

A few miles later, and we’ll enter South Dakota. The highway 2 designation vanishes

Location: SD-71 and N-2, Fall River Cty SD

The highway continues as South Dakota 71, the third of the tri-state highway 71s

S to US-20

E to US-20

E to US-20

N to SD-471

E to NE-S23A, W to NE-2/NE-71