Wyoming Highway 130, WYO 230 to WYO 74


AMP: 28

Location: WYO 130 and WYO 230, Carbon Cty

Reassurance shield after the 230 junction. WYO 130 will head due north for the remainder of its length

AMP: 21

Location: S 1st St and Aspen Ave, Saratoga

Welcome to Saratoga! Saratoga is a decent sized little town.

AMP: 20

Location: S 1st St and Willow Ave, Saratoga

I know this isn’t a road sign but in 2009 you don’t see very many AMC Jeep signs

AMP: 20

Location: 1st St and Bridge St, Saratoga

Bridge St is unsigned WYO 74 which serves to give the state maintenance over the N. Platte River bridge

W to I-80/US-30/US-287, E to WYO 11

E to Bridge St

E to WYO 70