Interstate 15, SR-53 to SR-79


Last Driven June 2020

Location: I-15 and 31st St, Ogden

UT-79 coming up in 3/4 of a mile. I-84 will split from I-15 in 2.25 miles

(Historic Photo: January 2009)

Location: I-84 and 31st St, Ogden

Utah 79 will take the merge lane from SR 53

Location: I-84 and S 31st St, Ogden

Reassurance shield for inbound SR 53 traffic

(Historic Photo: January 2009)

Location: I-15 and S 31st St, Ogden

SR-79 exits, heads into Ogden

E to  I-84, W to SR-104

E to I-15, W to SR-104

W to SR-126, E to SR-204

E to US-89