U.S. Route 93, I-80/I-80 Bus/US-93 Alt to I-80 Bus/SR 223


Last Driven October 2020

(Historic Photo: June 2010)

Location: US-93 and 6th St, Wells

A block later, I-80 Business will split to head into the main part of Wells. Stay straight for 93 north.

Location: US-93 and 6th St, Wells

Follow 93 north to Jackpot and Twin Falls, Idaho. Stay on I-80 Business for downtown Wells.

N to ID State Line, S to SR 232

E to I-80/US-93/US-93 Alt, W to I-80/SR 223/SR 231

 W to I-80/I-80 Bus/SR 231

E to SR 233, W to I-80 Bus/SR 231

W to US-93/SR 223

S to SR 233