U.S. Route 67, TX-FM1476 to TX-6/TX-FM219


Location: US-67 and FM 1476, Proctor, Comanche Cty

Reassurance shield after 1476 as we head out of unincorporated Proctor

Location: US-67 and CR 434, Comanche Cty

Reassurance shield after CR 434

Location: US-67 at the Comanche County Line, Erath Cty

Reassurance shield after we enter Erath County

Location: Patrick St and Apple Orchard Rd, Dublin

A few miles later, we’ll enter Dublin, a proud Irish town

Location: Patrick St and O’Neil St, Dublin

As we near downtown Dublin, we’ll approach a junction with SH 6. Dublin is well known as the city where Dublin Dr. Pepper is bottled, the last remaining Dr. Pepper bottler to bottle with cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. This Dr. Pepper is only available within 40 miles of here, with regular Dr. Pepper being unavailable

Location: Patrick St and Blackjack St, Dublin

Turn left for 6 west and right for 6 east . FM 219 north will also join us for a few blocks, with the southbound leg following SH 6

N to TX-FM219, S to TX-FM1476

N to TX-FM219, S to TX-FM1476

E to TX-FM219, W to TX-FM1496

N to US-67/US-377, S to TX-6

S to TX-FM591, N to US-67/US-377