U.S. Route 75, I-44/OK-66 to I-255


Location: US-75 and I-44, Tulsa

Reassurance shield after the I-44/SH-66 interchange

Location: US-75 and 41st St S, Tulsa

1 mile to I-244. US-75 will just merge with I-244 East without signage or access to I-244 west. 2.5 miles to US-64/SH-51 and unsigned I-444.

N to I-244/I-444/US-64/OK-51, S to Creek Tpk

 W to I-44/OK-66E to I-444/US-64/US-75/OK-51

E to US-64/OK-51W to I-244

E to US-64/OK-51, W to I-244