U.S. Route 75, US-62 to OK-56


Location: Wood Dr and Morris St, Okmulgee

Reassurance shield after the US-62 split

Location: Wood Dr and 20th St, Okmulgee

Another reassurance shield about a block later

Location: Wood Dr and 6th St, Okmulgee

We’ll come to a junction with SH-56, for which we’ll want to turn left to get into downtown Okmulgee

Location: Wood Dr and 6th St ,Okmulgee

Turn left for SH-56, which heads west into Okmulgee. Stay straight for US-75 North, which heads TO SH-56 Loop, a disconnected banner route for SH-56 that connects US-62 on the east end of town to US-75 on the north end of town.

N to OK-56 Loop, S to US-266

W to US-62

E to OK-56 Loop, W to US-266