U.S. Route 75, OK-22 to OK-3/OK-7


Location: US-75 and SH-22, Caddo

Just after the SH-22 junction, we’ll officially enter the town of Caddo, but our stay will be brief

Location: US-75 and SH-22, Bryan Cty

Just after the SH-22 interchange but before we get to Atoka County, we’ll get another reassurance shield

Location: US-69 and Hardesty Rd, Caney

A few miles later and we’ll enter Atoka County and the town of Caney. US-75 ceases to be a freeway around here and reverts to expressway, a status it will keep until Atoka

Location: US-69 and Main St, Caney

69/75 mostly bypasses Caney to the west, and we’ll get a reassurance shield after the Caney junctions

Location: US-69 and E 1910 Rd, Atoka Cty

US-75less reassurance shield after the 1910 Rd intersection

Location: US-69 and E 1880 Rd, Atoka Cty

Reassurance shield after the 1880 Rd junction. Old US-69/75 is wearing away to the right

Location: S Jefferson St and Boggy Depot Rd, Tushika

A few miles later and we’ll enter the small town of Tushika

Location: Mississippi Ave and Virginia Ave, Atoka

Just after Tushika comes Atoka, a major crossroads city in the area. I spent the night here and hated it- it was a run down town full of drifters

Location: Mississippi Ave and 13th St, Atoka

Junctions Oklahoma 7 and 3 coming up in south-central Atoka

Location: Mississippi Ave and 13th St, Atoka

Turn right for 3 East towards Broken Bow and Arkansas, turn left for 7 West and an unofficial SH-3 bypass to northern Atoka. SH-3 West will join 69/75 through Atoka.

N to US-69, S to US-69 Bus/OK-78

N to US-75, S to US-69 Bus/OK-78

E to Indian Nation Tpk, W to OK-7

W to OK-3

W to OK-48, E to US-70