Oklahoma State Highway 78, US-70/US-69 Bus to US-70


Location: 1st Ave and Elm St, Durant

After the routes join, we’ll get a reassurance shield that omits 69 Business

Location: 1st Ave and Mulberry St

Turn right for 70 East which heads towards Hugo. Stay straight for 78 North/US-69 Business North, which heads towards the 69/75 expressway

N to US-69/US-75/US-69 Bus, S to OK-70E

E to OK-22, W to US-69 Bus

N to US-69/US-75/OK-78, S to US-70

E to OK-22, W to OK-78
E to US-69 Bus/OK-78, W to US-69 Bus

N to US-70, S to US-70