U.S. Route 87, NM-370 to US-56/US-64/US-412


Location: 1st Ave and Magnolia St, Clayton

A couple blocks later and we’ll approach a junction with US-56 and US-412

Location: 1st Ave and Main St, Clayton

No guide signage at the junction, but turn left for 56/64/412 east towards Boise City, Okla. Turn right for 56/412 west towards Springer, and stay straight for US-87 south towards Dalhart, Tex. US-87 will fly solo for the first time since Story, Wyoming.

S to NM-402, N to NM-453

E to NM-538, W to NM-453

W to NM-453, E to NM-538

E to NM-538, W to NM-370

W to NM-453, E to NM-538

N to NM-455