U.S. Route 87, NM-325 to NM-453


Location; US-87 and SR 325, Union Cty
Reassurance shield as we head out of the non-town of Des Moines

Location; US-87 and 5th St, Grenville, Union Cty

17 miles later we’ll come to our first marked village- unincorporated Grenville. There isn’t much here.

Location: US-64 and SR 453, Grenville, Union Cty

Except a junction with SR 453

Location: US-64 and SR 453, Union Cty

Turn right for SR 453, a dirt highway down to 56/412 in the middle of nowhere.

S to NM-370, N to NM-325

E to NM-370, W to NM-325

S to US-56/US-412

W to NM-456